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Tips For A Successful  Sale *Remove everything you want to keep before the sale.

*Throw nothing away---Let your liquidator decide--One man's trash is another man's treasure and almost everything is saleable.

*Have reasonable expectations regarding pricing and values--what you paid for it originally is not necessarily  what it is worth today. Your liquidation agent has the experience to price your personal property accurately.

* Schedule the liquidation date several weeks before the closing date of a home sale

   About Us:

The need for estate liquidation services usually arise during times of stressful life changes and the advent of personal realizations which in the course of life inevitably confront all individuals and families.  Whether you are dealing with the passing of a loved one,  a changing health situation, a divorce or simply realize the need for economic downsizing, an orderly liquidation offers quick solutions and peace of mind by turning your estate chattel into either quick cash or the tax credits derived from the charitable donations of any post liquidation leftovers.

We Offer:

.  *Free  downsize and and consolidation consulting.

   *Free inventory listing and photographic advertising on regional and national media forums reaching thousands of collectors, dealers or ordinary buyers.      .

   *Pre liquidation saleroom cleaning, tagging & staging of contents.

   *Research to identify valuable art, rare books, coins and collectibles.

   *Identifying appropriate market venues to obtain maximum prices for high end items.

   * Market valuations for boats, cars, real estate & intellectual property rights.

   * Work & Coordinate with elder care services for obtaining placement in assisted living facilities & filing for VA and other benefits for seniors in transition.